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Dave Decourcey Memorial Scholarship

Sadly, Dave DeCourcey passed away on December 26, 2016. Please help keep his passion for learning alive by contributing to a scholarship fund in his honor. 100% of the funds received will go to cover expenses for scholarship recipients to attend VISION.


The Automotive world has been missing a great advocate for a while.  Dave DeCourcey is suffering from liver failure even though he has never been a drinker.  As Dave waits for a liver to become available, our community suffers not having him promoting the industry and providing us with valuable technician training.

If you don’t know Dave, let me scratch the surface and share my experience.  I first met Dave about ten years ago at the Linder Conference in Indianapolis.  It was my first time attending the conference and I was hanging with a small group that I had only known a short time.  During one of the breaks this guy starts talking, he’s larger than life, funny and outgoing.  I was wondering who the heck this guy was.  I came to find out that Dave had convinced somewhere around fifteen guys to jump on a plane from Boston to attend the conference.  I was later told that Dave had paid for some of them.  Dave believed in training so much that he was infectious.  I would see Dave at Vision and Linder every year, always fun and knowledgeable.  When Jim Linder stopped the Linder conference, I would see Dave at other training events.  Dave was an expert at demonstrating his “find training and GO” attitude!  Dave also served as a trainer in his area to make sure knowledge was spread.

Why am I sharing this?  I have discussed with some of his closest friends, Sheri Hamilton and Scott Brown about the creation of the Dave DeCourcey Scholarship.  MWACA is willing to host the scholarship and has a 501c3 account through their Technicians of Tomorrow Educational Foundation to accept funds.  We feel that this is a great way to honor Dave.  It is our sincere hope that Dave is the person to award the scholarship next year.  

We would like to ask that you help with this effort.  It will take a large amount of money to keep this scholarship alive but ANY dollar amount will help.  Sharing stories about Dave on iATN, Facebook and email will also help the effort.  Please inspire others to give.  Anyone that has ever had their vehicle repaired needs to understand that people like Dave, are why the repair was done correctly.

Donate to the Dave Decourcey memorial scholarship


Recipients of the Dave Decourcey Memorial Scholarship


 2020 recipient                                2019 recipient

 Jeff Herther                                                    Taurai Sewera
 Anderhart Speed                                           Truck Tech and General Services

Ed Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship

The Ed Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship was established in 2017 to commemorate the life of Ed Schaeffer and tocontinue his legacy. With Ed’s strong leadership, he was one of the gentlemen who helped ASA Kansas City (now MWACA) begin to grow to what it is today. As the association continued to progress, Ed was there to help whenever needed.

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Recipients of the Ed Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship


   2020 Recipient                                           2019 recipient

    Robert Griffin                                                             Diedra Wixon
    Griffin Automotive and Transmission                     Griffin Muffler and Brake