US Open Golf 2018

The 2018 United States US Open Golf 2018 Championship will be the 118th U.S. Open. Scheduled for June 14, 17 at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Shinnecock Hills, New York, about ninety miles 145 km east of New York City on Long Island, it will be the fifth U.S. Open held at this course. If there is a tie after 72 holes then a two-hole aggregate playoff, introduced by the USGA this year, will be used to determine the champion.[1] Previously playoffs at the U.S. Open were 18 holes, with sudden-death if needed. The last 18-hole playoff occurred in 2018.

About half the field will consist of players who are exempt from qualifying for the U.S. Open. Each player is classified according to the first category in which he qualified, and other categories are shown in parentheses.[2] Dates when a qualifying category will be completely determined are indicated in italics.In order for us to continue processing your application, we request that you provide us with a copy of your Government issued New Smart Card ID, Driver’s License or Passport.

US Open Golf 2018 Please make sure the documents are complete, clear and readable in one of the following formats JPG, PNG or BMP and preferably in color. Please make sure we are able to see the entire document from corner to corner. If you are unable to provide us with a copy of your New Smart Card ID, Driving License or Passport and only have the old Government issued National ID you may provide it, as well as, a photo of yourself holding BOTH your government issued ID and a piece of paper with today’s date handwritten on it.

US Open Golf Please note if you are only able to provide the old government issued National ID it may cause delays in processing your application. In addition, we request that you provide a copy of a recent bank statement that shows the name on the account and the full account number. You may block out any sensitive information. You can reply to this E-mail with the documents requested above as attachments for review. Once we receive this information, we will be able to proceed with your application review.

The first U.S. Open 2018 was played on October 4, 1895, on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island. It was a 36-hole competition and was played in a single day. Ten professionals and one amateur entered. The winner was Horace Rawlins, a 21-year-old Englishman, who had arrived in the U.S. earlier that year to take up a position at the host club. He received $150 cash out of a prize fund of $335, plus a $50 gold medal; his club received the Open Championship Cup trophy, which was presented by the USGA.

U.S. Open play is characterized by tight scoring at or around par by the leaders, with the winner usually emerging at around even par. A U.S. Open course is seldom beaten severely, and there have been many over-par wins (in part because par is usually set at 70, except for the very longest courses. Normally, an Open course is quite long and will have a high cut of primary rough termed Open rough by the American press and fans undulating greens such as at Pinehurst No. 2 in 2005, which was described by Johnny Miller of NBC as like trying to hit a ball on top of a VW Beetle pinched fairways especially on what are expected to be less difficult holes and two or three holes that are short par fives under regular play would be used as long par fours during the tournament often to meet that frequently used par of 70, forcing players to have accurate long drives.